The Line

Black and White by Paul Volponi


“There was nothing between us now, except for the line that separates black and white. Only I couldn’t tell if it had been there from the beginning.”

Two inner-city kids: one black, one white
They got into trouble, but never had to fight
Best friends and teammates
They even shared similar traits

Average teens, high school basketball stars
They liked pulling stickups in unknown cars
White fingers around the trigger
I guess it made them feel bigger

Oh, but money to spend!
Only, killing is a dangerous trend
Marcus and Eddie concealed their tracks
But, like the Count of Monte Cristo, did they really have each other’s backs?

With college basketball next year
Fate spewed a colossal jeer
His world would never be the same
If only he could thrust the blame

Black jail time
White no crime
In time, they both will be fine
But whoever said there was no line?