I Have a Vision

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

Often times I wonder what it is that makes me want to teach. I’m moving away from home and sacrificing a good sum of money and an entire chunk of my life to become a qualified educator.

Why I want to teach:

  1. Working with kids: seeing the energetic light in their eyes makes teaching kiddos a unique and exciting task
  2. Teaching: showing people how to successfully complete tasks and projects is very satisfying
  3. Writing, reading, reflecting: the world of literature and English is an endless world of knowledge
  4. Avoiding adults: constantly working with adults becomes monotonous, dreary and sometimes dreadful

The aforementioned list displays my rationale for my career choice, but the list simply skims the surface of what I really want to accomplish by teaching.

Intelligence plus character” is the centerpiece of my educational mission statement.

In order to positively impact every one of my students, I want to create a classroom that prepares students for real life.

My metaphorical classroom is like a baseball field:

 As the coach, I have to provide my players with the necessary skills in order to play the ball game.

When game time comes, it is ultimately up to the players to win the game. They have to choose either take the chance to tag out the runner or go for the easy out at first.

They are going to strike out but they have a choice to get up and play defense.

Through blood, sweat, and tears the players will decide how well they play.


My classroom will be teacher-facilitated and learner-centered. The students must take ownership of their learning in order to develop character.

This will challenge many students. There will be failure. There might be resistance.

I will cheer them on until I lose my voice but it is ultimately the student’s choice to dig deeper and win the game.

I will provide tools to help them succeed such as examples of exemplary character through the characters in literature.

More importantly, communication will be stressed in my classroom. Just as the peer support is vital to the baseball team, so is it in the classroom.

Students will be encouraged to bounce ideas off of each other through cooperative learning groups. Not only will this help develop a classroom-wide support system, it will also develop vital communication skills necessary to life after school.

Moral dilemmas will be brought to my student’s attention and they must utilize critical thinking skills in order to succeed.

I have a dream…that one day my students will become moral, upright, and intelligent citizens.