Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

I want a big bag of tricks I can open my first day as a teacher. I want to be Miss Frizzle in the Magic School Bus.

(You know you love that song!)

Okay, okay even though it would be awesome to have a magic bag of tricks I don’t really want to start as Miss Frizzle.

If I were to be honest I would have to admit that I don’t want that because it’s too easy. If I could walk in with a perfect bag of methods, teaching wouldn’t be challenging. Teaching would be valet-parking (which it’s not).

Yes The Frizz is quite a character but I want to find who I am as a teacher and create my own bag of methods tricks.

I want to learn about methods that will help me cater to my students and Teach Like my Hair’s on Fire.

This is what I want to learn about methods:

  • Reforms and Change



  • Outlets for Professional Development


  • Project-Based Learning

  • Penny Kittle

I just love her.


  • Curriculum Development


  • Hackschooling

Santa Clause if you can’t give me anything on this list, please pass the list on to Dr. Ellington.