Last night I drank way too much caffeine way too late at night.


Nottired. Can’tsleep. It’soneinthemorning. Whyaremythoughtscomingsofast?

With my eyes wide open I had to busy myself. Because I already went on a cleaning-spree the night before there was only one thing left to do…

Writer’s Notebook Time!

photo (3)

What was going to be a quick story about my trip to Dallas last fall turned into a very long story about the expectations of the trip and the reality of what actually happened on the trip.

But honestly, with a group like this, there are hours of potential writing:


When I wrote the story, I thought I was being clever and funny but I haven’t reread the story yet. Chances are when I reread it won’t actually be funny at all.

The second piece of writing I did while caffeine-infused turned into an awkward note to my roommate:

photo (4)

The good news is that I thought it was funny at the time and after rereading it, it’s still funny. And more awkward than I had initially thought.


Needless to say after writing those two “pieces” (if you can call them pieces) I decided to lay down the pen before I did something totally irrational.


The writer’s notebook is a place to collect these crazy, caffeine-influenced pieces of writing.

Maybe when I reread my Dallas story I’ll find a way to turn it into a publishable piece or share it with my future students or use it to influence a lesson, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

This past week in my English Methods course we’ve been discussing and brainstorming the purpose of our writer’s notebook.

What transpired are well-written blogs by my classmates:

  • Maggie is starting “Sharing Sunday” where she will share something from her writer’s notebook each week.
  • Reba writes a blog about using the writer’s notebook as a teaching tool to get into “teacher mode.”
  • Nikki blogs about her struggle to share pieces from her writer’s notebook.

The writer’s notebook is a place to enjoy writing, become frustrated with writing, use as therapy, and use for professional development.

I love having a place to keep all of my awkward #bathroomconvos (now I just need to figure out how to relate that to professional development…thoughts anyone???).

I’m starting to see the significance and purpose of my writer’s notebook. And I like it.

But next time no caffeine after six.