Blogging Basics: Becoming a Thug Blogger

RULE #1 of Blogging:


We publish our work on a blog to share our thoughts with others and exchange ideas. As bloggers, we must first consider our audience. defines “blog” as:

 “a Web site containing the writer’s…own experiences, observations, opinions.”

If we have an excellent blog but no readers we may as well skip publishing and solely write in a private journal.

So what makes a blog that’s great for your readers?

This is part 1 of a 4 part series pinpointing my fundamental rules I use when I blog.

  • Part 1 will outline the big picture of blogging.
  • Part 2 will outline linking, tagging, and widgets.
  • Part 3 will address the art of vlogging and using pictures.
  • Part 4 will give tips to generate hits and get subscribers.

So back to the basics.

Here are 4 quick tips to first consider when blogging:


Think of blogging as a digital newspaper. When I was the sports editor of my high school newspaper I dedicated the majority of my time to making the stories LOOK good. If you have a great story but it looks lackluster, it is a story wasted.

No one will read it.

One simple way to create a good lookin’ blog: Always, always, always write in short paragraphs.

We’re reading a blog people not War and Peace.


Other easy ways to break up paragraphs are lists and bullet points. Everyone loves lists and bullet points make a blog organized and visually pleasing.

2)    THE HOOK


Grab readers with catchy titles! Readers are not interested in a boring blog about blogging.

Readers want to read something interesting, unique and different.

I bet half of the readers reading this now chose this blog because of the sensational title.

Come on, we all want to learn how to become a thug blogger.


Using a crazy title like I Thug Hard Like a Unicorn is bound to get readers. They may be thugs or unicorn-lovers but readers nonetheless.

Once the reader takes the bait of your crazy, thugging, awesome title you must set the hook.

The beginning of your blog has to be interesting or else all of the readers you just got will jump off the hook.

Tell a crazy story, use a clever quote, or write something controversial to set the hook.


Speaking of being controversial…writing something that can be argued is fun to read.

Not only is it fun to read, controversial topics also generate more hits and more comments than a post that keeps the peace.


A blog about the validity of this magazine cover is just begging for comments.


Any affective piece of writing has a strong voice. Blogs (more than any piece of writing) must have a strong voice.

The more real, sincere, and candid you are, the better the blog.

Some of my readers’ favorite blogs are ones where I open up about personal experiences.

Last week I wrote an embarrassing story about what happened when I wrote while caffeinated (You won’t believe how I used this hashtag #girlproblems).

Develop strong opinions, back them up and write about them.

Write unapologetically.

Or do something embarrassing and develop the mishap into a sensational piece of writing.

Above all, write you.

Bring your experiences, observations, and opinions into your blog and watch your hits soar.