Why I’m Excited for Class Round 2

To incorporate weekly routine into my blog diet, I’ve decided to blog weekly about why I’m excited to attend my English Methods course every Wednesday.

By reflecting on why I’m excited, I can articulate my ideas from the past week and compile them into a tangible list to serve as an unofficial To-Do List for class.

So why am I so excited for class?

1. Snacks.

2. I’m anxious to see what transpires of my curriculum unit I planned. I want to know how I can make it better and polish it.

3. I can’t wait to get my rough copy that I made from my writer’s notebook back (with comments) from Dr. Ellington.

4. We’re starting our teaching demonstrations. Yay for learning about different topics and ideas in English Education!

5. The exchange of ideas. Finally, someone understands what it’s like to be an English Education major!

6. The unplanned topics none of us foresee being brought up and discussed.

7. Through the topics discussed, getting fuel for thoughts for another seven days.

8. It’s my favorite class of the week, duh.