Why I’m Excited for Class 3.0

English Methods is tonight and keeping with my weekly blog diet I’m going to outline a few reasons why I’m particularly excited for tonight’s class.


First, I’m always excited for the snacks Dr. Ellington brings.


She once said that students can’t learn when they’re hungry. When she taught high school she always had snacks on hand, even snacks as simple as dry cereal.



This same principle applies to college students. But I do feel spoiled because the snacks she brings us are better than dry cereal…but there are only about ten of us in the class. So it makes sense.

Secondly, I’m excited to get my raffle tickets and start selling for our 50/50 drawing. *Cough, Cough..BUY TICKETS, Cough* As we raise funds for the NCTE conference in Boston, I get to go home this weekend for fall break and solicit all my friends and family! Yes dad, you don’t know this but you want to buy lots and lots of tickets 🙂 Hopefully tonight there will also be more news about the conference preparations because I love having a plan.

Also, we created a publishable piece from our writer’s notebook and tonight we will get our rough drafts back with comments. Then we will also share our pieces with each other! There are very clever and creative people in the class and I know I can learn something from every piece. Lindsey whetted our appetites when she shared this hilarious piece and I can’t wait to hear/see more!

Finally, I’m excited to see the teaching demonstrations. Last week Ashley’s theatrical demonstration was a blast so I’m game for whatever we get to do tonight. Particularly, I’m excited to hear Reba’s demonstration on social action. Last week I planned my curriculum unit revolving around writing for social action and fell in love with the entire concept. Because I still don’t know much about writing for social action in school, I’m excited to see what Reba has compiled.

So what did I forget? Why are you excited for English Methods tonight?

If you’re not in the class (wish I know you wish you were) then what do you wish you could learn about in an English Methods course?