Why I’m Excited for Tomorrow’s Class

We are concluding a four-day weekend thanks to midterms. I’m feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the second half of the semester and make it to December. So why am I excited for tomorrow’s English Methods?

  • Snacks
    • I’ll always be excited for this. No matter what week it is.
  • Two more teaching demonstrations
    • I’m learning a variety of methods through these demonstrations and loving it! From classroom discussions, to read-arounds, to writing dialogues and acting, I can’t wait to see what we’ll be learning about and how we’ll be learning it tomorrow.
  • Blog fuel
    • We all get so many new ideas from our weekly meetings. The second best thing to class is reading the tweets and blogs that are inspired through class time.
  • NCTE planning
    • Who’s started a countdown yet?! In a little over one month we will be on Bostonian soil! We have a lot to do before then…I just got my “study away” form notarized but I still need to start planning which sessions I’m going to attend. Like my track coach used to say, “Inch by inch is a cinch but yard by yard is very hard.” I’m taking one inch at a time; I will slowly but surely make it to Boston.
  • The camaraderie of other cat and English-lovers
    • I can’t eek about teaching English and cats with any other big group of people like I can with my Methods class. A few weeks ago Nikki said our class is the smartest/classiest/bravest bunch of girls and Maggie added cattiest to the list. Well put, girls!


Happy Tuesday and I’ll see the lucky ones tomorrow in class!