Catty Questions

Last week was midterm break which is really exciting! Halfway through the semester…yes! Only there is so much to do between now and December it’s daunting to think about. And another downside of the semester coming to a rapid conclusion means the end to my English Methods class.

With half a semester under our belt we’ve learned a lot. I’ve really been enjoying the teaching demonstrations, insight, discussion, and snacks we’ve had throughout the course of our class.

I love that Methods is a place where likeminded pre-service educators can come together and exchange ideas. It’s like the stock market only less stock-y.

So what do I still want to learn about?

I would like to know about resources/methods/tactics to teach boys.

Boys are a tricky breed of people. I want to impact all of my students and half of my students will be boys. Boys are into different hobbies than girls are and even mentioning poems can deter boys from English class.

How can I get boys to enjoy my class?

That dreaded first year…

Today I spoke with a first year teacher. She is overwhelmed. She said student teaching was difficult but having her own classroom for the first time is even more difficult. She spends twelve hours per day at work prepping for her classes.

Are there ways to make first years teaching easier or better?

Choosing schools

Let’s talk technicalities. After I graduate I’ll apply for teaching jobs. There are so many schools!

What do I need to consider before applying for jobs? How do you choose a school? How do I get hired?


How can I convince my administrator to let me have a cat as a class pet?