The student Voice: Our Survey, part 5 – Common Practices That Don’t Work

What doesn’t work for [actual] students.

Granted, and...

One question from our student survey that generated very specific and (I think) helpful responses was: What is a very common teacher practice that occurs all the time in class but just does not work for you? Here is a representative sample of the responses:

  • Taking notes of the projector and it doesn’t work because it doesn’t help me to understand and take it in if I am just mindlessly writing down notes
  • Reading to me does not work for me.
  • just taking notes and listening to lectures. It always makes me tire and uninterested. I just can never fully focus
  • Taking notes.
  • Lecturing, it’s boring for the students and most people tend to zone out and not pay attention anyways.
  • When the teacher tells us something and then expects us to know how to do it without example problems and such and it doesn’t work because we haven’t learned…

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