This Is One Excited Girl!

I am one excited girl…

excited catI have never been this excited for a presentation. I’m about to burst at the seams because I feel so passionately about this project.

Today is the day I give my teaching demonstration to my Method’s class. Maggie and I have been collaborating and working hard to make this demonstration insightful, introspective, and profound.

If you’re curious about the demonstration, which I’m sure you are, we will be co-teaching for the first portion, having the students participate in a unique activity (which we have worked hard to keep mum about). Then, Maggie will lead her portion, inquiry-based learning. Maggie’s perfect setup will allow me to take the class directly to a project-based learning activity. We will end our demonstration with a Q-and-A.

I’m planning to document our demonstration with pictures and blog about it afterwards, so keep your eyes open for a follow-up blog (trust me you don’t want to miss this).

ncte boston And if that isn’t enough, today is also the last class before we leave for the NCTE conference in Boston! The girls have been counting down the days on our class hashtag and, no big deal, but only one week until we pack our (ridiculously small) bags and say au revoir/adios/see ya later to Nebraska!

Happy Wednesday!