20 Books in 3 Minutes

I recently attended my first NCTE conference in Boston last week.

ncte boston

One of my favorite take-aways from the conference was all of the free books!

Yes, you read that right.

freeFree books = $0

TRANSLATION: 20 new books for my future in-class library.

What lucky future students I [will] have.

Some of the pre-service teachers I traveled with got even more free books and got nearly a dozen signed by authors.

Whew, that’s a whole ‘lota goodness right there.

So as I unpacked my (extremely heavy and small) suitcase I, of course, sorted through the books first.

So. Many. Free. Books.

photo (9)

I just love NCTE.

As I piled up my collection, I had an epiphany. This type of moment doesn’t happen too often so I cherished it, wrote it down, and did a celebration dance that I know you wish you could have seen.

It kind of looked like a combination of all of these. Kind of.

What stemmed from that epiphany is one massive book talk. I previewed all 20 of my books in a record breaking 3 minutes. The thumbnail even captured the difficulty I endured:

I’m not joking: that was really difficult to do. I was first too optimistic and thought I could do it in 90 seconds:

Yes, you can laugh at that. I give you permission to chuckle at my failure.

After 90 seconds I tried two minutes. I must be a very optimistic person because two minutes didn’t even cover half of the books. If you’re short on time I recommend just skipping to the end when I forget to shut the recording off…it’s hilarious:

I can’t wait to delve into these books over Christmas break. There will be more thorough book talks to follow!