32. 41. 1147. 1. 16. 3. And Infinity.

As this semester of Methods comes to a close, I feel just like I did last May when Adolescent Literature wrapped up.


I’m mad.


I want all of my classes to be how this course was. I just want to blog and tweet my way through the next three semesters of my undergrad. I learned the most through these two tools and will continue to develop my personal learning network (PLN) through blogs and Twitter.

Of course I cannot mention the course without speaking of the NCTE conference. If you want a synopsis of the trip, you can check out my post.

This semester I learned about things I didn’t even know existed. I learned about:

Above all, I will miss my catty classmates. I love getting together with likeminded teachers and discussing methods, pedagogy, and teaching fears. I’ve learned so much by listening to their opinions and thoughts, sharing resources through Twitter (#eng461), and reading their blogs. They will continue to be the closest piece of my PLN as I read their experiences with classes, student teaching, and finally, teaching as the real deal.

I love comparing blog stats with Maggie and reading Nikki’s interestingly funny blog posts and visiting all of the resources Lindsey tweets and tweeting Mariah’s hilarious blogs and getting reading perspective through Heather and Kali and discussing first year fears with Brittany and seeing what is on Dr. Ellington’s Sunday Saloon and sharing social justice ideas with Reba and getting Ashley’s perspective on English education and seeing Laura’s sweet comments on my blog.

I hope all of this can continue even after we’ve had our potluck next week.

Last semester I attempted to boil down my learning into numbers. This semester I know I can’t do that. I don’t want to put numbers on this semester.

I suppose I could measure my progress by the amount of blogs I wrote this semester.

I suppose I could measure my progress by the amount of hits I got on my blog.

I suppose I could measure my progress by the amount of followers I have.

But how do you quantify something unquantifiable?

Well, I guess mathematicians call it “infinity.”

If some upper power made me, I would put seven numbers on my semester in Methods: 32 blogs, 41 followers, 1147 hits, 1 conference, 16 weeks, 3 college credits and an infinitely growing PLN.