Sincere Hugs

My semester ended with my final in Methods in Language Arts and it was one to remember.


If you can eat, you pass the final. It was my kind of final.

The entire night was great. Our professor, Dr. Ellington did a complete recap of the night but I want to focus on the AFTERMATH.

I FIGURE we could all ADD some MATH into our lives several TIMES a year (I should have been a math major, huh).

After an entire semester bonding over English and cats, we grew fond of each other. As a transfer student, I only had a few months to get to know these catty ladies, which is most definitely NOT enough time to talk about cats and English.

Because half the class will be spread across several states, completing student teaching next semester, I might never get to see them again. I was devastated.

After class I pulled out my writer’s notebook and wrote the piece that follows.


Sincere Hugs

Have you ever gotten a hug?

Not an awkward hug you give to your second cousin twice removed at an obscure family reunion at Lake Who Cares.

I’m talking about a sincere hug.

A “wrap-them-in-your-arms-and-squeeze-like-you-mean-it hug”

A memorable hug.

Tonight I got four of them.


It’s weird how once one domino falls they all fall.








Teach Like Your Hairs on Fire

Teach Like a Pirate

Teach Like a Champion

Teach to Save Lives?














When one tear falls they all fall








The tears puddle and end with a sincere hug.

I can’t do this anymore. I just have to get of of this room.

Too many dominos. Too many emotions.



How can complete strangers give such profound hugs?

Three months ago I didn’t know their names. I didn’t know they existed. On  a street they were just faces.

But now…

These strangers gave me the most memorable hugs of my life.

Red eyes. Red sweaters. Red faces. Red hugs.

Real hugs. Sincere hugs. Human to human.

Soul to soul.

Profound connectness.

To live to decades without an unapologetic hug…

Words can hug

Songs can hug

But only souls can sincerely hug

Never underestimate the power of a soul.

I saw soul tonight.

I felt soul tonight.

Never underestimate the power of a sincere hug