2013 In Books

It all began in Adolescent Literature.

I read 34 books. And trust me, that was a whole lot of books for me. Although I have always enjoyed reading, I had never vigorously read like I did last spring in Adolescent

Ulove-booknsurprisingly, I loved it. I am an English major, after all.

After the semester ended I took the two weeks I had before my summer courses started to continue to read independently.

This catapulted into my summer Graphic Novels course where I read 19 graphic novels.

Once my fall semester started, I was vigorously reading assigned books in my classes (which still counts towards my total books for 2013). Although this was not the most enjoyable reading I did last year, I learned a lot about the classics.

Finally, I ended the year with a YA Lit splurge. With all of the free books I got from NCTE I vigorously read a book every 2-3 days all while working and participating in holiday festivities, too (yes, I’m patting myself on the back).

With all those books, here are my bests of the year:

Favorite series:

The Hunger Games



Divergent hc c(2)

Best Graphic Novel:

La Perdida

la perdida



Favorite YA:

The Killing Woods

killing woods

Best Classic:

Romeo and Juliet

romeo and juliet

Favorite Personal Book:

Real Marriage

real marriage

Best Professional Development:

Book Love



8 Classics

19 Graphic Novels

38 Young Adult Literature


(And a whole lot of book talks you can watch on my youtube channel)

I read 65 books last year and I never thought I would be able to say that.original

74 books is, well…a lot of books. I’m not sure I’ll be able to read that much in 2014 because I won’t be taking two literature classes, but I know that I won’t stop reading.

I’m enjoying the benefits of literacy that I’ve gained. In my own life, I now make predictions and can evaluate people more effectively. Moreover, I have experienced different situations, environments, and inner-thoughts of a variety of characters which helps me to analyze my current situations, environments, and thoughts.

readwriteI’ve become a faster reader and, as a result, I feel as if my thoughts come quicker to me.

I’ve always been more inclined to write but now I have experienced the benefits of reading.

Reading and writing have a complicated relationship. Usually a person is either a reader or a writer. I believe that we read to understand other’s lives but we write to understand our own lives. Although I still believe this, I have a better understanding of the complicated relationship between reading and writing.

With effort, a person can have both a reading life and a writing life.

Reading changes lives. Writing tells people how you’ve changed.