Blogging Basics: Vlogging & Pictures

This is part 3 of Blogging Basics


I thought it would be appropriate if I vlogged my vlogging instructional:

As promised, here is my very first video I created:

So what went wrong?

  • This video was way too long. A five minute video for one book is too long; I gave too many irrelevant details.
  • I tried to vlog like I blog and it didn’t translate well.
  • I talked about the first book more than I talked about the book I was book talking.
  • It took me wayyyy too long to record. I think I tried about ten times before I settled with this one. Don’t try for perfection.
  • It was unnatural. And awkward
  • I didn’t hold the book long enough.
  • My hair looks weird.

The good news? There are worse book talks out there. I’m serious. Click around on youtube and see for yourself.

And now a good book talk:

What went right?

  • I read from the book.
  • I held the book.
  • It was a short video.
  • I spoke of the plotline AND the craft of the book.
  • I was tan.

The Little White Duck book talk was my seventh talk and was much improved from my first try. If you want to see a non-book talk vlog and my favorite video I’ve made check this out:

How to Create a Vlog on WordPress

1. Create youtube channel and upload the video.

2. Cut and paste video URL into wordpress.


3. Select link and click “unlink” on your editing toolbar. This allows the video to embed into your blog instead of only the hyperlink appearing.


Pictures in a blog make it more visually appealing. It breaks up the monotonous blocks of words in a pictureless blog.

How to Apply Pictures in WordPress

1. Click “Add Media” on the editing dashboard.

2. “Upload Files” and then click “Select Files.”


3. Choose size then click “Insert into Post.”


4. You can also choose how you want the picture aligned by clicking on the already-inserted picture and choosing “Edit Image” in the upper left-hand corner of the picture.

5. Options for alignment include: none, left, center, and right. These options wrap the text around the picture. You could also choose “None” and then align it on the main editing dashboard so the text won’t wrap around the picture.


Part 4 of the 4 part series is up next: How to generate hits and subscribers!