#celebratelu 1/11/14

4 reasons to celebrate my last 24 hours:


God bless them. As I prepped for my new semester, I organized all of my textbooks and notebooks. Then I thought, “Wow this is really expensive.” And then I thanked my parents for their continuous gift of books on my blog.



This is my second day with a toothache (nothing to celebrate). But wait! There is always a silver lining, right? Today I scheduled an emergency visit to the dentist and received good news and bad news.

The good: no cavities! Yay!

Bad news: sinus infection

The good: prescription drugs! Yay!

Bad news: the cost…boo.

In my opinion, the good news outweighs the bad.


It was my last day working in my hometown because tomorrow I head back to school. I’ve been working nearly every day during break and I’m so thankful that my employer gives me hours when I’m home. Now to just make it last all semester….why hello, Mr. Budget of a Po’ College Kid!

Crazy Cat Ladies

Last night Reba and Maggie made a road trip into town so last night I met up with Mariah and them. These girls are a lot of fun and I really enjoyed catching up with them before our crazy semester starts.