Sunday Saloon: What I’ve Been Reading Online 1/12/14

The last week of my chilly and wonderful winter break has allowed me time to read an abundant amount of equally photo (12)wonderful articles. Let’s get started!


Even though I made a resolution for the new year, it took a lot of banging my head against my desk to provoke an OLW. I was relieved to read on Catherine, Caffeinated that she penned the problem with goals.

This week on Tipsy Lit: Books, Booze, Brilliance (you’ve got to check this blog out), Ericka outlined the worst rejection she ever recieved, all about the issues she’s had with publishing.

I recently participated in a #movingwriters Twitter chat which will now become a monthly chat. They’re now starting Mentor Text Wednesday. LOVE LOVE LOVE The Fifth Pillar of Writing Workshop, also by Moving Writers. Everything in the Twitter chat and blog is so practical. I love when real life educators trade tricks and ideas.

The Handwritten Note is a sweet little post about educators going above and beyond with warm fuzzies for students. Awwwww!


I’ve been trying to educate myself about CCSS and education reform and although it’s still overwhelming, the articles The Facts Need a Champion and Common Core Close Reading Comes to California highlighted some of the issues. Will Fight Against Common Core was also an interesting article about vouchers and charter schools and CCSS.


5 Misconceptions About College Academics hit the nail on the head. I think every highschooler considering college needs to read this article.

I love Justin Tarte’s Life of an Educator. It’s always great to be reminded to do nice things.

16 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters This Year has been circulating through social media and the day after I found it my dad told me I had to check it out. I love that people correlate me with books. I added a bunch of the books onto my Goodreads To-Read shelf but my dad was most excited about Monuments Men and Unbroken.


I love anything Project-Based Learning (I even have a pinterest board wholly dedicated to PBL) so I was really excited to read the Top 10 Essential Web Tools for Project-Based Learning. It’s good to know that someone out there also loves PBL enough to take the time to do some researching for me. Another excellent PBL read is The Problem With PBL.

Best Practices to Cram Tweets was a good one for all you tweeters!