A Look Behind and a Look Ahead

Today marks the first day of a new semester which means the beginning of heavy loads of reading and homework and the not-enough-time-for-fun-things-and-school syndrome I seem to always experience.

Yay for knowledge!

Before I project into what the current semester holds for me I want to look back and reflect on my past semester because this is part of my New Year’s Resolution.

Fall 2013

First day:

As a transfer student I didn’t know anyone. It was one of the scariest and most difficult things I’ve ever done. As a junior in college, I obviously didn’t want to only meet a bunch of freshmen, but come on, who can blame me?

Thankfully, connections came fast. It was an intimidating situation that turned into a really fun experience.


Well, I had the opportunity to go to all of my classes unscathed. I had no expectations for the courses and no expectations for the professors because no one had told me what to expect. I also had the opportunity to start anew and meet brand-new people.

 Cool, right?

Last semester I worked hard to make friends and I worked equally as hard to do well in my classes.

I was shocked to get news that I made the President’s List because I really thought I would get a B after receiving my first ever D+ on a test. So that was good. Or great. Whichever.

But the real gems of last semester came from my professors. I guess you could say the professors are gold mines. Sort of. Weird analogy.

But seriously. Every day in class they would say something so remarkably profound I just had to write it down.

Here’s what they said, paraphrased:

English Methods with Dr. Ellington: “Teaching doesn’t give you experience. LEARNING gives you experience.”

Shakespeare and American Literature with Dr. McEwen: “I have a pressing appointment at the vineyard.” He really likes to pun. But since I had two courses with him, here is another: “The sea is intimidating and a scary place but if you don’t take the voyage and go into the unknown why live?”

English Literature with Dr. Griffith: “Literature is about memorable ideas put in memorable ways.”

Literary Criticism with Dr. Tucker: “Posters are a sorry excuse for a research paper.” That was a funny one. Here’s a serious one: “This cup is a cup. We are all language.” Ah, the wonders of philosophy.

Totally profound, right?!

And now for some projecting

Spring 2014



Diverse Instruction for a Diverse Classroom

English Lit part 2

American Lit part 2

Grammar and Linguistics

I’m not sure how to feel about not taking 5 English courses. On the one hand, it will be nice to get a break from literature 24/7 and writing. So. Many. Essays. However, I won’t have the immersion I received last year into the vast world of literature.

I realized this semester would be different when I saw my classmates for Ethics and thought, “Wow. There are so many males in this room” (very different from my mainly female-dominated English courses). I also said hello to about ten people on my way to class. And this time I actually knew several classmates.

I also realized this semester would differ when I my textbooks arrived. Do you see a difference?

photo (14)

Fall 2013

photo (13)

Spring 2014

If you guessed less back pain, you are correct! My back just breathed a sigh of relief. Side note: when I got my Chegg books this semester there wasn’t a bunch of free stuff in it.


No matter what happens this semester, I know one thing for sure: I’ve got my writer’s notebook on hand to remember all the nuggets of wisdom my teachers offer me.

photo (7)

Have a happy Spring semester!