Slice of Life: Working Out Procrastination

I don’t like procrastinating. I guess you could say I really hate it.

I hate that nagging feeling I always get when things on my to-do list never get checked off.

I hate feeling guilty about unfinished projects.

I hate the unrest I feel when I procrastinate.

Yet somehow I always seem to do it…how does that work?

As a prime example, I’ll use today’s experience regarding working out.

You see, I enjoy working out but over Christmas break I really slacked off. Hey, it’s called a break for a reason! Besides, I was too busy reading YA Lit and blogging (which I think are excellent excuses, by the way).

So I procrastinated. First I only missed a day or two which escalated into missing a few more days. I told myself I would REMEMBER a workout as a New Year’s Resolution…that didn’t exactly happen.

In my defense, I got sick twice over break so I obviously didn’t want to get anyone at the gym sick. So I was really being kind. And procrastinating a whole lot.

 I decided that although I didn’t start the new YEAR off very well I could at least start the new SEMESTER off well. I working outfinally kicked myself enough to get back in the routine last night  and boy, oh boy, am I a hurting mess.

My legs ache.

I’m tired.

I don’t want to move.

Did I mention my legs REALLY ache?

Here’s the deal. If I wouldn’t have procrastinated my workouts during break I would have a buff bod AND my legs wouldn’t hurt so bad.

Moral of the story: procrastination hurts.