Sunday Saloon: What I’ve Been Reading Online 1/19/14

Hot Topics

In Age of School Shootings, Lockdown is New Fire Drill is a sad post about what is being done in schools regarding school shootings. Responding to Tragedy gives educators resources to deal with truly tragic issues.

“Grit” is trending in education now and True Grit outlines ways educators can measure and teach success. Speaking of success, Motivating Your Students to Succeed details this very topic. “Rigor” is another hot topic and this article busts 7 Myths About Rigor.

The Civil Rights of Children brings attention to students of minorities and students that are disabled.

Diane Ravitch writes about StudentsFirst and the “ludicrous state report card” issued by Michelle Rhee.

Best Blogs

David Reber explores the notions of when non-educators say “In What Other Profession...”

Justin Tarte writes a thought-provoking piece about asking the same of ourselves as we do our students, claiming that The Door Swings Both Ways.

My friend, Shawn, is documenting his time in France and he’s so hilarious you’ll get educated AND laugh. Wow!photo (12)

Vicki Davis wrote a touchy-feely piece about The Joy of Teaching: You Never Run Out of Kids.

From Twitter

I stumbled across this gem on Twitter: Cybrary Man’s Educational Lesson Plans. It’s a page of curated websites, all regarding lesson planning. Some of the resources were

helpful but some were duds. Also, check Cybrary Man out on Twitter, he’s very active.

Also on Twitter, I was checking out #commentsforkids when I found Maple Class.

I also found a mini lesson gem in Carpe Diem.