Blog Roll: Best Blogs to Follow

I follow quite a few blogs. I have different blogs subscriptions through my email and my WordPress reader and I always find something interesting on Twitter.


Each blog is unique and each site offers interesting perspectives on education, from across the country (and one from France). I consult these blogs to enrich my professional life and to develop my PLN (Personal Learning Network).

I have found the following blogs most beneficial/interesting/hilarious/insightful in my PLN blogging expedition:


Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension


At a Glance: Pernille Ripp writes the most inspiring pieces to encourage teachers.


I love the quality of topics Pernille writes on this site. She has a genuine eminence about her and nearly ever post makes me say, “Aw! I can’t wait to be a teacher!!!” Moreover, I believe in her view of real education. She believes in no homework and no punishment…I often times read her pieces and think, “Amen to that, sister!” Also, she is candid about her life as a teacher which is equally important.


Best Feature: Genuine writing.


Noteworthy Blogs:


So I Gave Up Punishment and my Students Still Behaved


10 + 1 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way


When We Let Our Students Plan Our Lessons

The Dirigible Plum

At a Glance: This blog hits all the recent PLN trends happening and offers a unique and critical insight to real education.

This is the blog of my English Professor. After teaching high school for five years, she is now a college professor whose life conviction is to help pre-service educators save lives.

Weekly Blogs:monday

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Slice of Life


Sunday Salon

Best Feature: Cat photos! And Sunday Salon – I actually started doing a weekly Sunday Salon but decided to call it Sunday Saloon. Why? Because it reminds me of the Ol’ West. And I’m dyslexic.

Two Writing Teachers

At a Glance: Six writing teachers from a variety of educational backgrounds contribute to this blog. This site is filled with real educational practices of real educators.

This is one of the best blogs I stumbled across. I enjoy reading the variety of topics and posts from professional development to mini lessons to writer’s notebooks.

Noteworthy Blogs:

Family Literacy Night: Writing Together

Pens Versus Pencils: Which One is Better for Writing Workshop?

Creating Writing Museums

Best Feature: Slice of Life and the rich involvement of its community of 11,000 subscribers.

Slice of Life

Tipsy Lit

At a Glance: The tagline says it all: books, booze, brilliance.

Ericka Clay is a tipsy genius. Not to be redundant, but this hysterical blog is really funny. Plus, she vlogs! A girl after my own heart.

Noteworthy Blogs:

How to Be a Girl

How to Take Criticism as a Writer


At a Glance: I like to write about my experience as a pre-service educator and hot topics in education while trying to be funny.


Is it wrong to include yourself in your blog roll? Absolutely not! I have discovered that I grow the most when I participate in the blog-universe. My blog allows me to be active in my PLN, publicize my writing and contribute in advocacy for real education.

Best Blogs:

Most viewed post: 6 Steps to Foster Student Motivation in Reading Class which uses Penny Kittle’s Book Love and Nancie Atwell’s Reading Zone to support the 6 steps.

Funniest: The Quest of a Clueless College Student. This is my life in a nutshell.


This is a Blog About France Things


At a Glance: Follow Shawn as he spends his semester going to college in France!


Shawn uses hilarious phrases like “cat’s pajamas” and “dilldally” and “sexy babe.” This kid is a natural blogger. I’m always entertained with his posts while I learn a lot about France. It’s like I don’t even know I’m learning! Whoa. Who knew learning could be fun? Everything this guy writes is gold.


Best Feature: Hilariousity


Best Blogs:


This is a Blog about Me Getting to France


This is a Blog about Eating Dinner with a Bishop


This is a Blog about the Night Life and School


This is a Blog about Breaking my Fricking Wrist

Read, Write, Reflect

At a Glance: This relatable site offers suggestions for teachers and parents everywhere.

Katherine Sokolowski teaches fifth grade and offers a conversation for educators while she reflects about her experiences in her classroom. Katherine writes about substantial topics and I’ve really learned a lot from her posts.

Best Feature: Real educator, real education

Noteworthy Blogs:

Why Is Failure Bad in the Classroom?

Social Media and Our Students

Nerdy Book Club

At a Glance: This is a blog about books facilitated by Donalyn Miller, Colby Sharp, and Cindy Minnich. Enough said.

This blog is for the book worms. Posts on this site are dense and insightful and practical, all at the same time. Real educators collaborate to provide subscribers with great book recommendations for students across a variety of ages. It also holds annual Nerdy Book Awards! So cool.

Noteworthy Blogs:

Matt Renwick’s Top Ten Takeways from the Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease

Through the Years: Reflections on Raising a Reader by Monica Babaian

Top 10 Things Picture Books Taught Me by Beth Shaum

Gatsby In LA

At a Glance: After five years teaching, Ellie quit her job and is visiting a variety of schools in LA for one year to learn more about education.

The entire premise of this blog is fascinating: a splash of politics in education mixed with the diversity of LA. Through this site I get to visit a plethora of schools without leaving the convenience of my home. I get to join Ellie on her quest to define “great teaching.” With one semester left, great posts are guaranteed to surface.

Best Blog:

The Kid I Didn’t Kill


Was there a blog I missed? Comment and share!