Identity: Blogger

“Hi! I’m Kelsey. I like long walks on the beach and blogging.”

peas and carrotsDon’t laugh…beaches and blogging go together like peas and carrots. Fo’ real home skillet.

Why, you may ask?

Well, this month I’m celebrating my anniversary. My blog-aversery. Yes, that is now a real word.

You see, one year ago I began my blogging journey thanks to Adolescent Literature (aka a bomb-digity class). Okay, okay. So Adolescent Literature didn’t ask me to blog. My professor did.

Anyway, I was super-duper (it’s a make-up-your-own-words kinda night) reluctant to create a blog. And a Twitter. And a Goodreads account. And a Delicious account. Let’s just leave it at “reluctant.”

So I was reluctant because technology can be overwhelming to a down-home kinda girl like me. I laugh at who I was then because so much has changed over one year.

Now when people get to know me they soon discover four things:

  1. I love English.
  2. I love kiddos.
  3. I love cats.

photo (2) Photo_00021

  1. I love to blog.

One year ago I loved kitties. And kids. But that was about it.

I didn’t love to read or write. Sure I liked them enough to major in English but I hadn’t developed this passion I now have for English literature AND writing.

You know you’re a blogger when you start thinking in blogs. For example, I’ll be talking to my friend when this thought smacks me in the face: “This would make an AWESOME blog!”

I’m constantly thinking about how I can improve my writing and improve my blog. My blog is my personal space to BE ME and WRITE FOR PLEASURE.

I love getting the opportunity to be an advocate for real education and partake in the conversation. I no longer sigh and wonder how I can change the world.

My blog has become an identifier for me.

Hi! I’m Kelsey and an avid blogger and I’m changing the world one blog post at a time.  

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