Why Blog?

This is the reason why I blog.

Penny’s reply hooked me and, after this moment, I knew I would continue to blog.

When I First Started Blogging…

I tried writing really long paragraphs. I didn’t use pictures. It was terrible. Ain’t nobody gunna read that.

I was confused. It was weird. I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t “get” it.

Gradually, things fell into place: I added pictures, shortened paragraphs, tagged posts, added widgets, and I tweeted my blog links.

thinkblogAfter an entire year I think I finally “get” it.

Blogging is my space to think, write, and reflect. It’s my chance to publicize my work.

To generate ideas for my blogs, I simply reflect on my experiences and thoughts. Then I just write. I write what I want to write. I write what my readers want to read.

There are ideas for writing all around us. We just have to become aware of them. I think in blogs (new bloggers will soon understand this occurrence).

Because I Blog…

  • I have writing stamina.write

Writing for pleasure keeps me going through a semester loaded with an abundance of reading and writing.

  • I have a voice.

I’m taking an active role in society and in the lives of real students. I am an advocate for real education and blogging gives me the opportunity to write what’s right. I love taking part of big teaching communities and their weekly blog challenges.

  • I am connected.

Part of education advocacy is the exchange of ideas. Communicating what real education is with real educators.

  • I am a writer.

I am a learner. I am a cat-lover. I am a blogger.

What Keeps Me Blogging

It’s not required that I write “two blogs every week” anymore. Yet, I’m blogging more now than I ever did when it was required. Here’s why:

  1. My Personal Learning Network (PLN)

I want to take that active role in real education and I can’t do that by just reading other’s thoughts. I’m learning new methods, new teaching tactics, and new topics in education without even having a classroom! I’m learning what works and what doesn’t work from the BEST teachers.

  1. My Audience

My parents want to know what I’ve been doing; this is why I blog. Just joking…that’s only part of it. I have people who want to hear what I have to say. And that’s an incredible feeling I wouldn’t want to trade anything for.

  1. My Stats

I’m really obsessive about my blog stats. It’s become a super fun game for me: How can I get more hits today than I did yesterday? It’s one of the coolest feelings to see your hits and subscribers climb. It’s also neat to see where I was one year ago and where I am now with my stats.

  1. My Escape

I love sitting down and just BEING ME. I get to write what I want to write. I can say what I want to say. After all, this is ‘merica!

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