Kelsey Empfield: An Introduction

As a [future] famous author, my work [will] is featured in a literature anthology. The following is my “introduction” to my anthologized work. scan0500

*Disclaimer: Portions of this introduction might be fictional*

On the cold, snowy afternoon of November 01, 19**, Kelsey Empfield entered the world at Good Samaritan Hospital in the heart of America also known as Kearney, Nebraska.

Kelsey grew up in Nebraska where she was raised on a hearty diet of home-grown beef and potatoes.

Kelsey completed her education in her hometown where she graduated from high school and community college before moving on to a Nebraska state college.

Majoring in English Education, Kelsey always enjoyed working with teenagers. After working as a bank teller to get through college she finally found herself working at her dream job at a middle school.

During her employment at the middle school, Kelsey completed her Master’s Degree in Literature Studies and saw her salary skyrocket. After five years teaching middle school, Kelsey landed a job at a Fb kelsey empfield imag76community college teaching College Composition.

Although she had enough wealth at this time (due to her Master’s Degree and previous employment) to retire and move to Maui, she was too passionate about reading, writing, and teaching to simply kick back on a beach with a six pack of Coronas.

Kelsey spent the rest of her life writing professional development books for English teachers and found herself in the company of other big-wigs in English Education, such as Penny Kittle, Donalyn Miller, Nancie Atwell, and Kylene Beers.

Throughout her life, Kelsey began Pens for Pupils, a non-profit organization dedicated to provide pens and writer’s notebooks to schools in need. The following excerpts are from her most popular mentor texts Losing Control in the Classroom and Writing a Life.