The Many Faces of a Blogger

This week has been my blogging week.

In preparation for a guest lecture on blogging, I figured it would be appropriate to blog about blogging.

This week I blogged about:

Why Blog?

Identity: Blogger

Blog Roll: Best Blogs to Follow

Thankfully, the hard work paid off and I tied my blogging personal record for hits in one day and then two days later beat the previous record.

That’s a whole lota blog!

Even though I’m a little blogged-out I wanted to #celebratelu blogging this week by reflecting on my many blogging faces.

You see, blogging is frustrating, hard, and rewarding.

Photo_00013 Photo_00014 Photo_00015

It’s exciting, exhilarating, and time-consuming.


Photo_00016 Photo_00017 Photo_00018

It’s intimidating, scary, and challenging.



Photo_00022 Photo_00024 Photo_00027

It’s sucky, wonderful, and motivating.



Photo_00033 Photo_00034 Photo_00071

 Being a blogger is unexplainable.