The Writing Process

This is Kelsey reporting on Kelsey’s life:

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“Good news, guys! I just got hired as a writing assistant at my college’s tutoring center!”

Yay for writing and teaching at the same time!

(Cue confetti cannon, please)

I’m currently in the midst of the paperwork and training portion of the job and I was given The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring to learn about tutoring writers.

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Bacon and free t-shirts?! And I’m getting paid for this?!

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Life. Complete.

So back to the book. I’m eating this book up because it’s been excellent. I was particularly interested in the description of the writing process (hence, the title of this blog).

The writing process is broken into 4 episodes that each contains reflective questions and strategies:


  • Clustering
  • Free writing
  • Conversation
  • Brainstorming
  • Reading and research


  • Any/all strategies used for planning
  • Outlining
  • Visual representations


  • Any/all strategies used for planning and drafting
  • Seeking feedback


  • Edit several passages with different focus on each pass
  • Read piece aloud

I love this section of the book because it offers a variety of methods writers use. It doesn’t deem a certain strategy as correct but instead offers a variety of tactics that could work for real writers.

I really believe that the writing process should be the epitome of differentiation and each writer should be exposed to a variety of strategies in order to find their own unique writing process.

Avoid teaching your process as if they are the tried and true methods of approaching any writing task.

It’s of no use to preach my writing process because it is guaranteed to NOT work for many people. No two writers have identical writing processes.

I don’t even go through the same exact process twice. What works for one piece won’t work for another piece.

I can’t wait to learn from the writers that come to the writing center because I know I’ll be able to learn from them and enhance my own writing process!