4 Days of Nerding

I’m going to be very honest. I thought my Nerdlution goal to write five minutes every day would be difficult.

Boy was I wrong!

These past four days I’ve sat down to write my 5 minutes and I look up and it’s been 10 minutes! I’ve decided to do a variety of writing in these 5 minutes. This begs the question: Did I underestimate myself?

Maybe I did but maybe baby steps are the way to go. Before August, I didn’t even have a writer’s notebook. Sure I enjoyed writing but I wasn’t a writer. Integrating writing for pleasure into my schedule is new to me and five days ago I was really terrible about doing it regularly.

With Nerdlution I’ve decided to write for a variety of purposes:

Day 1: I wrote a letter to my boyfriend back home.


Day 2: I wrote a thank-you note to my dentist (the saint made an emergency appointment for me a few weeks ago).

photo (19)

Day 3: I wrote my scattered thoughts about the writing process in my writer’s notebook. Hello unpolished blog post! By the way, this makes writing a polished post a whole lot easier.

Day 4: Undecided. Hey, the day isn’t over yet!

How is your #Nerdlution doing? I’d love to hear about it!

Nerd on, my friends. Nerd on.