Sunday Saloon: What I’ve Been Reading Online 2/2/14

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Learning is the focus in Garnet Hillman’s Use Your Professional Judgment. Meeting the Professional Development Needs of Teachers talks about the importance of PD for all teachers.


Let’s Stop Describing Our Straitjackets, ok?

Maggie has enough dreams to fill the universe but what happens when NASA doesn’t buy her out-of-this-world notebook idea?

Meredith Davis’ similar (ish) experience caused her to write Rejecting Rejection, a very inspirational piece.

Starr Sackstein is wondering if the learning should stop if the teacher is absent.

I Loved…

10 Tips for Slowing Down

7 Ways for Teachers to Beat the Sunday Blues!

Wait, what is being an English Teacher All About?

Up for Debate…

After Katsok’s son created a youtube channel, she wonders about incorporating more technology into her classroom. Tech = good, right? But how do you feel about Beating Up Our Schools on Social Media?

Is homework beneficial or essential? The Nerdy Teacher argues that Homework is NOT Bad!

Why Writing Studio? was an interesting post that reflects on the differences between the coveted writing workshop versus the writing studio.

If you want to get your blood boiling, read 12 Half-Truths Pundits Say to Teachers if that doesn’t work, try Obama Sells Race to Top in State of the Union.

Do grades really Do More Harm Than Good?

Should school days be longer? Read what parents and students have to say.