It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 2/3/14

mondayI’ve decided to make time to read this semester. Usually I get so bogged down with reading for my courses I don’t read for pleasure until the semester is over.

Not this time!

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Graphic Novels

Relish My Life in the Kitchen by Knisley

photo 4

This was a five star book and one of my favorite graphic novels I’ve ever read. Even though I’m not a foodie, I loved getting a glimpse into the food, travels, and relationships of Knisley. She recounts her entire life and her relationship with food.

Bonus: For every chapter she provides a delicious recipe, complete with pictures to help the non-chefs (which would be me!).

The Professor’s Daughter by Sfar and Guibert

photo 5

The professor’s daughter takes a mummy on the town. I’m not joking! By the end, several people die…can a mummy die again? I don’t know. This was a short read but not my favorite plotline.

Romeo and Juliet by Hinds

photo 1

Young Adult Literature

The Fault in our Stars by Green

photo 2

A few friends STRONGLY recommended this to me. I just started it and so far I don’t understand why everyone loves it so much. But maybe that’s because I’m not big on cancer stories. At least I’m getting it read before the movie comes out!

Professional Development

The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring by Gillespie and Lerner

photo 3

Anything with bacon in it must be good, right?

I actually am really enjoying this book. I found the chapters on The Writing Process and The Tutoring Process especially beneficial. They both contain tips that I want to use in my (future) writing workshop.