My Writing Process

My tutoring training has caused me to reflect on my own writing process. As a follow-up to last week’s Writing Process I want to write ten steps I use for MY writing process.
photo 3

1) Brainstorm

Think, think, think…I like to really think about a piece before I do anything. Depending on how much time I have, I’ll think about a piece anywhere from a few moments to a few days.

2) Pen to Paper

Messy thoughts, writer’s notebook, scratch paper, class notes, etc.

3) Fingers to Keys

Just type. It’s important to have the flexibility to write, regardless of quality, but generate quantity. Deleting work later is easier than writing more later in the process.

4) Gimme a Break

It’s important for me to distance myself from the paper. I take a five minute break, a two hour break, or a break for an entire day, depending on my time.

5) Fresh Eyes

Review, delete, add, move.

6) Polish

This is my stage for a rough polish. I look over my piece on the computer and edit like crazy.

7) Tangible

I catch more errors in a print copy than I do on a screen. I also love marking all over my paper, especially when I want to change the overall structure.

8) Rinse and Repeat

Repeat steps 3-7.

9) New Eyes

At this point I’m ready to get feedback. I usually have my professor look at my piece. Then I repeat steps 3-7 again.

10) Comb

Once I’ve done 2-4 rough drafts, I print one last copy and pull out my fine-tooth comb. At this point, I’m primarily looking for typos and minor errors. When I get to this step I have settled with my content and structure.