I ♥ Literacy

“Uhm, hi! My name’s Kelsey and I was wondering if you had a few titles. I’m looking for Fangirl. F-A-N-G-I-R-L. It’s young adult literature.

“Yes…wonderful…could you also check if you have Allegiant? It’s by Veronica Roth.

“Also, I don’t have a library card so I would need to get one, too. What time do you close?….Okay, perfect! Thank you so much!”


photo (22)And…

photo (20)


photo (21)

I have told this story to my friends, co-workers, acquaintances, professors, and now you…basically anyone who will listen. I’m just super pumped about having Fangirl, Allegiant, AND a new library card all in my possession all at the same time.

I’d say the hand I was dealt is pretty hard to beat.

 A perfect 21.

I started seeing Fangirl making an appearance on nearly everyone’s “best books of 2013” and immediately added it to my Goodreads. I had no idea what it was about but my heart smiled when I held it in my hands. Ah, the power of suggestion.

Much to my surprise, the fictional story takes place in a college in WESTERN NEBRASKA! Weird coincidence, right?

I almost died laughing when the characters discuss the strange cafeteria food and then conclude that it just must be a western Nebraska quirk. Girls, I can relate! I also don’t know what’s up with that kidney bean/green bean concoction in the salad bar.

I chuckled to myself when the librarian told me Allegiant is usually checked out because I usually have the worst luck.

I laughed hopelessly when I saw how thick both books were.

Much to my surprise the librarian said they were due in a month. Dang, I have good luck today.

Happy Tuesday and here’s to loving a literate life!

Read on, my friends. Read on.