Celebratelu: 2/22/14


8 Reasons Why I’m Celebrating This Week

1. Racquetball


I played racquetball for the first time this week and absolutely loved it! Plus it demonstrates the dreaded learning curve we all encounter.

2. Funeral Homes

Last night I received this text from my cousin:


I love the randomness of this thought! Besides, it’s completely true: NEVER get curious in a funeral home.

3. Ode to Professional Year


I’m creating a professional dossier to apply for professional year and it’s finally done! It took quite a bit of revision though.

4. Dessert


Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this piece of heaven in the cafeteria. It’s angel food cake muffin with icing and incredibly delicious.

5. Motivation


My classmate, also a pre-service English teacher, found this in his Anthology of English Literature. “I hate English!” written opposite of flowers. Ironic? Yes. Motivating? Yes. I’m sad someone’s English teacher did them wrong and it makes me want to be a teacher even more than I already do.

6. Live Music

imageKelley and I went to The Birds at a local coffee house this week. The Birds is a music group on campus and they were wonderful! We had a lot of fun singing along to Beat It.

7. My Dad


I just love him.

8. Good Friends  image