Sunday Saloon: What I’ve Been Reading Online 2/23/14

After a few Sundays off, I’m back in the saddle! Cowboy up because here’s what I’ve been reading online over the past few weeks:

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Yet again, Pernille Ripp writes an insightful post about Why Our Past Should Stay In The Past which talks about how it’s no fun to use the same lesson plans each year.

Flipping the Classroom for Students with Learning Disabilities was insightful and thought-provoking. I’m not sure how I feel about totally flipping the classroom because kids are so busy I’m not sure if they need more homework.


Giving Students Choice in Note Taking articulated every reason why I will never dictate how a student should take notes, especially when writing in their writer’s notebooks.

This Slice of Life outlined writing with markers in writer’s notebooks…it’s SO pretty!

You’ll never guess what The Secret to Writing Is…writing!

Speaking of writing…Why Should You Never, Ever Use Two Spaces After a Period?


Laura wrote an excellent piece about a struggling reader and how teachers can help cultivate a love for reading in every student.

My Memory of The Giver also addresses problems with the reading classroom and talks about one reader’s experience with reading challenging books at a slower pace.

From Reader to Writer is an honest piece about naturally inclined readers stepping into the world of writing.

10 Steps to Turn High School Students Into Readers offers awesome ideas for your classroom!


Step-by-Step Directions for Creating Passion Projects in Our Classroom is a very informative piece if you want to ease into PBL in your classroom.

A Teacher’s Heart and Foundational Data talks about PBL and learning contracts for the more adventurous teachers.


How do you know when kids are learning? I Know It When I See It addresses this very question.

I loved Down With Textbooks and Kids Speak Out On Student Engagement.

10 Reasons to Try 20% Time In The Classroom and Designing 20% Time In Education have made me a 20% believer.

It Really Does Take A Village to create learners, including parents!

I loved Ginger’s hilarious short piece, And We Wonder Why Kids Tune Out.


This week I took the time to read one of my favorite short stories, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. If you haven’t read this…you definitely should.

I took the Life Stressors quiz and scored off the charts (not in a good way). How stressed are you? Take the quiz and see.

My chronically over-scheduled friend, Maggie, sent me this link because I’m equally over-scheduled.

My friend Libby wrote a beautiful piece about her relationship with her dad as he prepares for surgery. It really resonated with me because I felt like she was writing about my relationship with my dad, too. It even brought tears to my eyes.