March Madness: It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

After a crazy snowstorm last weekend today it was absolutely gorgeous outside. I’m talking 40 degree weather, a heat wave in March in Western Nebraska. I don’t have a bike and I’m not any good at rollerblading so I decided to go for a walk.

It was utterly wonderful. I could feel spring breaking through the foot of snow and I even heard a bird singing.

photo 3 (2)

My wonderful walk came to a screeching halt when I felt a wet rush of water hit my pinky toe. I looked down and, to my dismay, I had soggy boots and socks. Unfortunately, the snow is at that awkward point in its life where it’s not snow and it’s not water, it’s just slush.

Unavoidable slush. Everywhere slush. Slushy slush.

I have officially decided that the only kind of slush I like is in a slushie in a paper cone cup in my hand on a hot summer day. Slush underneath my soggy boots? Not so much.

Well the inch of water in my boots was worth it when I finally got to my sanctum:

photo (22)



During my last trip to the library, I got my library card. This time I was only going to return my books because I already have two books on my shelf to read. But that notion went out the window as soon as I walked downstairs into the young adult section.

There are SO many books I want to read! I wish all authors of the world would take a year hiatus and not publish any books so I could catch up on my reading.

I ended up returning two books and checking out two new books.

Here’s what I returned

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I saw this book on so many Best Books of 2013 lists and when I checked it out on Goodreads it had a 4.22 rating which is very high.

The story is about Cath and her freshman year of college at University of Nebraska Lincoln. She writes gay fan fiction and has an identical twin sister, Wren (Cath-Wren, get it?). As a college student I really related to this story. As a Nebraskan, I REALLY related to the story.

Here’s a Western Nebraskan’s take on Fangirl:

The author is from Omaha, Nebraska which no one in Western Nebraska even considers a part of Nebraska. Sorry Omahans but it’s true.

I loved that two of the characters of the book are from the small town Arnold because my grandma lives super close. I immediately texted her.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when Cath admitted that she felt like an outsider because UNL is such a different place than Omaha. She then confessed that she was starting to feel like Omaha didn’t even count as a part of Nebraska.

I also go to college in Nebraska and could sympathize with the main characters as they discussed the weird kidney bean salad in the salad bar. Then they summed it up to the salad just being a weird Western Nebraska thing. I’ve seen this kidney bean salad in the salad bar and it is kind of sketchy.

They also talked about how Nebraska is so weird because the guys wear hats and cowboy boots just to go down the hall. Also a true fact. Yeee-haw.

Overall it was a cute story but I didn’t get into the long excerpts of fan fiction.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth


I read Divergent and Insurgent last year and Allegiant was just released a few months ago. I wanted to read it before Divergent is released as a motion picture in a few weeks.

I absolutely loved the first two books and, unfortunately, Allegiant was a disappointment. I understood why Roth decided to write the book in the perspective of both Tris and Four but I wish she would have just used Tris’ perspective; she was more comfortable writing from Tris’ perspective.

I also found the plotline flat compared to the first two books. The majority of the book was just unexciting. But Veronica Roth is still so eloquent in her writing. My favorite portion of the book:

photo 1 (2)

Absolutely beautiful.

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol and Friends with Boys Faith Erin Hicks

Here’s what I checked out


If this walk is any indication, it will be one crazy March. Happy reading everyone!