Classy Clothes in College

It was recently brought to my attention that my red pants are weird. I’ll be first to admit that they’re different. I mean not a lot of people walk out there wearing bright red fabric wrapped around their legs.


Well I am one of those. I like wearing bright colors. Now my red pants were a great jumping off point for a discussion about college student attire.

The life of a college student is stressful. We go to school, work jobs, socialize and spend a whole lot of time completing homework. Sometimes we stay up too late finishing a paper and we’re tired the next day. We live busy lives.

Because of our busy lives, sometimes we just want to wear sweats and throw our hair up into a top knot.

Yet, does how we dress reflect how we respect our education?

Personally, I feel so grudgy and unprepared to learn when I dress like a slob. This is one reason why so many workplaces have a dress code.

We convey a sense of professionalism when we show up to class looking classy and ready to learn. I’m not saying we should show up to our 8:00 wearing gowns and tuxedos. By dressing classy I mean jeans and a nice top or colored pants or khakis.

Does sloppy attire convey to our professors we don’t value our education?

Yes. It does.

At my college, pre-service educators during their professional year must adhere to a professional dress code for class. Asking this of students is reasonable because they will student teach in only a few weeks and professional dress conveys a professional attitude toward their education.

These students will become teachers who must dress professionally everyday.

I absolutely love my friend Maggie’s view on dressing. I’ve only seen Maggie wearing pants a handful of times when it’s too cold for her to wear her usual skirts.

Maggie dresses nicely everyday for survival. She once told me that if she’s ever in danger or hurt, people will be more likely to help her because she is always pulled together. It’s just like Darwin…only different.

So in essence, my red pants, although ‘out there’ and weird may save my life one day. Well, thank you red pants. Thank you very much.