Sunday Saloon: Best Links of the Week

Due to the beautiful spring weather I’ve been experiencing lately, I have only a short round-up of links for this week.

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First up, from The Nerdy Book Club, here are four quick points to Ignite a Passion for Reading, especially for those hard-to-get students. I absolutely loved Donalyn Miller’s reflection on her whole-class reading time Around the Campfire because she addresses the various learning styles of her students. Along these same lines, Reading Outside the Box gives quick tips to differentiate reading styles for your own children.

KatSok has two great articles about Professional Learning Communities, if you don’t have one…you should, and about Formative Assessment in the classroom.

Ellie Herman points out why Technology is Not A Magic Bullet from an interesting perspective.

If you’re teaching “the research paper,” Conducting Effective Internet Research by The Two Writing Teachers is a must-read.

Ginger, the PBL guru, writes about the delicate balance between teachers helping or not helping in the classroom.

If you’ve ever wondered how to save children’s lives, check out 3 Things We Can Do To Reach Every Child.