The Adventures of an English Major

My campus life involves my dorm, the student center, the activity center, and Old Admin (the Humanities building).

You see, like all English majors, Old Admin is my second home. I’m familiar with the artwork on the walls, the echo of the hallway, and the smell of the classrooms.  But last week, I stepped into a world unchartered: The Math & Science Building.

I’ve never been in the Math & Science Building because I completed my science credits at my community college. Besides, Old Admin is literally on the opposite corner of campus. It’s like science and English are in their respective corner of the fighting arena, never to merge.

But let me tell you about my trip. It was…



I could taste science oozing from the walls, but not literally because that’s nasty…and probably a health code violation. There was so much to discover!

image image

There were things I didn’t understand…

…And things I wished I knew more about


There were things I knew but, in the confusion of the moment, I forgot.

But the science majors quickly soothed my confusion…


…And showed me rotten chicken skin.

I can experience rotten prose in Old Admin but never could I experience a stench so potent like deteriorating chicken.


One of these things are not like the other!

imageCan you spot the English major?

The trip to the Math and Science Building was stellar (haha). I loved the chance to get outside of my comfort zone and bridge the gaping gap between Science and English.

Just like the science classroom, I want my future classroom to be a place for creativity, innovation, and exploration. I want my students to inquire and lead their own experiments in the English classroom with poetry and prose.


I want the Geologist’s Bucket List to be right next to the Novelist’s Bucket List. I know we can all have an open mind and bridge the gap between our two worlds.



Thank you to…


Maggie for initiating the adventure and for being so legit with your chicken skin and lab coat


Jocelyn for being such a welcoming Geologist


Brittany for being the only other English major on the adventure who has never been to the Math and Science building