The Path to Become an English Teacher

When I graduated high school I desperately wanted to know what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I had an entire world full of possible career choices in front of me and I did not want to settle on one.

Besides, at eighteen years old I didn’t feel qualified to make this colossal decision for myself.

I decided to enroll at Western Nebraska Community College and begin their General Studies program after graduating from Scottsbluff Senior High School in 2011 with high honors. After taking all the general education courses, I found myself in the same predicament I was in the year before:

What do I want to do with the rest of my life?


Despite having coached 23 Club Softball for six years and helping with junior high school youth group, I was hesitant to choose teaching as a career. I did not want to choose education simply because I could not find a better major.


To stifle this fear I enrolled in Intro to Professional Education, hoping to learn what the educational field had to offer. Much to my surprise, I became enveloped in the world of education.

I looked for ways to bring up education in conversation.

  • As a Western Nebraska Community College Student Ambassador, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with prospective students and their families about education.
  • I became a Know How to Go Ambassador so I could talk with junior high school students about education.
  • I educated myself about education on the national stage and at local schools.
  • My new passion for education spilled over into my college life; I wanted to take an active part in education through student activities.
    • I began a Circle K Service Organization on campus
    • Became Student Government President
    • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Historian
    • Student Representative to Western Community College Area Board
    • Student Ambassador
    • A member of The National Society of Leadership and Success

In 2013, I earned an Associate’s Degree in Art, graduating with high honors from Western Nebraska Community College with accolades including: All-Nebraska Academic Medalist, Coca-Cola 2013 Community College Academic Team Bronze Scholar, Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar, Western Nebraska Community College President’s Honor List, and Western Nebraska Community College Board of Governor’s Award.


cscAfter my experience with Intro to Professional Education, I decided to major in English Education when I transferred to Chadron State College.

English was always one of my favorite subjects in school but it was not until I began studying literature collegiately that I developed an appreciation for it. Even though I liked reading and writing, becoming immersed in literature changed my perspective entirely.

As an English Education major I have fallen in love with reading and writing. I maintain a writer’s notebook, pursue independent reading despite my course workload, and post on my blog to connect with other English educators across the world.

I discover so much about myself when I reflect on life and articulate those reflections through writing. It is important to live as a reader and a writer so my students will see how English class is applicable to life.

ncte bostonThis year I became a member of The National Council of Teachers of English and traveled to their national conference in Boston.

This experience along with my position as a writing assistant at Chadron State College has allowed me to gain insight to teaching writing and reading.

As a writing assistant, I help my peers and enrich their writing lives. I have the opportunity to help create lifelong writers and I eagerly look forward to the day when I can create lifelong readers and writers of my own students.