What exactly does failure mean? Why is failure always viewed as a negative concept ? Was failure ever revered? Is failure a social construct that was created to define what we don’t feel good about? How do you react to failure?
Do we abide by an unspoken, universal definition for failure? Who has the privileged position in the cosmos to decide when we have failed? Is failure in the eye of the beholder? Do we personally decide if we fail at a task or do others get to make the decision for us? If we all fail at some point or another, then how is it fair for a fellow failure to judge me and declare that I have failed? Why do we let others determine when we have failed? Why do we believe them?
Why do we treat failure as a forbidden topic in polite conversation? If we all fail, why aren’t we talking about failure more often? Should we talk to our students about failure? If we tell students our failures, will they think differently of us? Why are we afraid to fail? To be wrong? To be judged? To be corrected?

Why do I only have questions about failure and am without any answers?