Why English Class is Important: A Letter to Students

Dear Student,

Every year, every week, you ask me:

Why do I have to take English?

When will I ever use this in real life?

What does this have to do with anything?


If what we do in English class has no relevancy to your lives, I agree. We should not waste our time. You pose legitimate questions that deserve legitimate answers. As your English teacher, I want to provide you with a variety of meaningful responses to your questions.

In a few short years, you will all be adults living in a world that will not always have your back. You must be a spokesperson for yourself and English will help you to become articulate individuals in your thoughts, speech, and writing. Analyzing books will help you to become a critical thinker. You will not only be able to analyze text, you can also use your analytical skills to analyze people, opinions, and perspectives.book

However, English does indeed have a purpose for you young adults. To get a job, I absolutely guarantee that you will have to read and write proficiently. In your careers, you will be expected to have an intricate knowledge of language.

Students, you do not have to live dull lives. You are not destined to become complacent and apathetic adults. Reading and writing will expand your perspectives and allow you to educate yourself. You have the power to become an activist for causes that motivate you. With communication and articulation skills, you can make a difference in your community and in the world. You can participate in the global conversations that you care about.

I realize the points I have made in this letter may be a revelation for you. All I am asking you to do is approach my English class with an open mind…you will actually learn something meaningful. Guaranteed.


Miss Empfield