My Digital Diary

How often do I use technology?


This question prompted me to find out exactly how much time I devote to a screen. So I tracked my digital activity for an entire day:

Thursday August 28, 2014

7:50 am 3 min Instagram
I have professional and personal social networking accounts. Instagram is linked to my Facebook account which are both for personal use. I prefer Instagram over Facebook because it is more visual.
810 am 5 min Email
I have two email accounts, one for school and one for personal use. I check my personal email once a day, usually in the morning, but I check my school email regularly.
9:10 am 5 min Microsoft Word for homework
Almost all of my homework assignments are completed on Microsoft Word and saved to my flashdrive.
9:32 am 10 min Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, email
My Twitter account is a professional account. I follow teachers and all things education. It has been the best online resource and I always learn something new when I log on.
10:11 am 5 min Goodreads, Google
I absolutely love my Goodreads account. I read quite a few books throughout the year and it’s always fun to look back on all the titles I’ve read. Plus, I find new titles to add to my to-read list.
11:00 am 5 min Microsoft Word – print assignment
After I save my assignments to my flash drive, I log onto a school computer and print my assignment because printing is free across campus.
11:05 am 2 min Coffee shop electronic ordering system
I almost forgot to log this digital experience! I’m sure there were other instances throughout the day that I didn’t even realize I was using technology. By the way, NEVER get espresso before a 3 hour class!
11:45 am 20 min Facebook
I’m the Campus Activity Board Chair and we had a club fair. I updated our Facebook page with pictures of the clubs’ booths.
12:37 pm 3 min Calendar, email
I check my iphone calendar constantly. I am always adding new events and checking to see where I need to be.
1:29 pm 2 min Email
I also check my email constantly. Between campus activities and coursework, it seems like I’m always waiting for a reply from someone.
1:50 pm 5 min Online handout for class, email
My college uses Sakai for their online platform. Although I’m not taking any online courses, all of the in-person courses have resources, assignments, and tests online.
3:25 pm 3 min Calendar
I like using a digital calendar planner because I always have it with me. Plus, it syncs with my ipad.
3:40 pm 6 min Email, Instagram, texting
I didn’t include texting in my digital diary because I text too much. It would’ve been exhausting keeping up with my texting activity.
3:49 pm 12 min Online handout for class, Google
What would we do without Google? I absolutely love having a world of knowledge at my fingertips.
4:18 pm 2 min Email, calendar
4:22 pm 10 min Feedly, Twitter, calculator, email
I use Feedly to follow the blogs I like. When I find a blog I like, I tweet the link. I like to check my Feedly 3-5 times per week to see the new content the bloggers have posted.
7:42 pm 80 min Microsoft Word, Sakai, Google Sites, email
9:29 pm 6 min Facebook



At the end of the day, I was exhausted. Between my iphone, ipad, laptop, and the campus coffee machine, it took a lot of effort to write down each time I used technology. I didn’t even attempt to track the times I texted because I text constantly. Before writing down my digital diary, I knew I frequently used technology, but I had no idea the ipadfigure would reach over three hours interacting with a screen. If I had tracked texting, I’m sure the grand total would have reached four hours.

Reflecting on my diary, I realized there were gaps. I forgot to write down when I hit snooze on my alarm clock (which is on my phone) and when I set my alarm clock for the next day. I’m sure there are other times I used technology and didn’t even realize it. Becoming conscious of the technology around me took adjusting. There were even times when I normally would have used technology but didn’t because I didn’t want to write it down.

After keeping a diary for a day, I realized how central technology is to my day-to-day living. If my total was three hours, how much more time are my students spending with technology? What kind of interactions are my students making with technology? How can I teach these digital learners? How can I be relevant to the digital generation?

Even though I still have a lot of questions, my diary has helped me realize my relationship with technology.