Attention Log

I spend so much time on the computer: browsing social networking sites, completing homework, checking email, and on and on. With so much time spent on the computer, I began to wonder if it was healthy to spend so much time intimately connected with technology.

I was compelled to keep an attention log that tracked what my body was doing as I connected with technology. I logged five extended technology sessions and recorded what I noticed:





Location Comfy bed, lounging, laptop


Time 20 min


Task I sparknoted The Portrait of a Lady (just to refresh my memory! I promise I read the book…twice) and then made changes to my essay over the novel.


Body Language I feel slumpy because I have been slumping. I am tired and my eyes are dreary.

My eyes looked like this...only more human. And redder.

My eyes looked like this…only more human. And redder.


Comments I accomplished the task and edited my essay.

Was the lounging position the best for editing an essay?

Would my work have been better if I would have assumed a different position?


Date 10/10/14


Location Desk, chair, laptop


Time 30 min


Task I got sucked into Feedly and read about ten articles, pinning and tweeting the good ones. I jumped onto twitter because there was an article Elisabeth sent to me about my favorite author. I’m glad I read it and didn’t just stick with my initial goal for the session (reading articles on Feedly).
Body Language I was eating my veggie wrap and peaches while scrolling through the articles…it was sometimes hard to both scroll and eat.

It was either this


or this

veggie wrap

I tried typing with one hand but that didn’t work so I had to put the food down and use two hands. That made my mind happy but my stomach became grumpy.

Oh, the struggle.

Comments I really learned a lot during this session. My Feedly provides me with a variety of articles and learned about digital learning, reading workshop, and grading, among other topics in education.

I wanted to write a blog post but that was too hard to do while eating which is why I decided to read blogs instead of write one. I still need to write that post.


Date 10/14/14


Location Desk, chair, laptop


Time 2 hours


Task Writing lesson plans


Body Language Scrolling up and down from 1st lesson to 2nd made my eyes hurt and made me frustrated.

I took plenty of breaks: bathroom breaks, cupcake breaks, Oh-I-think-I-heard-something-outside breaks, procrastination breaks, anything-but-lesson-planning breaks.

Comments I hate writing lesson plans.

How can I make lesson planning less tedious?

Am I overthinking lesson planning? Probably.


Date 10/14/14


Location Desk, chair, laptop


Time Nearly 2 hours


Task Writing a blog post


Body Language I pulled up WordPress and saw a blog I wanted to read on my feeder. I clicked on a link inside that blog post and avoided the temptation to click within the second blog post.

I also stalked my blog for site stats. Hm. 38 hits two days in a row. This is me avoiding work.

Back to blogging. Drafting sucks. Ugh.

My hands go to my face when I don’t know what to write next.

I begin to slump and wrap my feet in blanket. When did it get so cold in here?

Hand to face, big sigh

Almost done! I sit up straighter, enough with the slumping! I am a blogger!

Strangely, I wipe my face after I hit “publish.”

Where’s the Spaghettios?


Found ’em!

My eyes hurt…can I please be done with blogging for the day?

Comments I didn’t realize my strange bodily blogging habits. Although this post was a lot longer than my usual post, I probably still go through the same motions when writing a post.

Is it healthy to spend nearly two hours straight writing a blog?

Is it normal for my eyes to burn?

Am I going to need glasses due to my blogging habits?



Date 10/14/14


Location Laptop, chair, desk, then bed


Time Nearly 3.5 hours


Task Weebly, creating a professional site


Body Language My eyes already hurt.

I need a break.

I cook some peas and move to bed and eat and type and stuff. Yay for multitasking!

Computer battery is dying. And beeping at me. I move back to the desk and charge the computer.

So much messing around with this site. This is ridiculous.


That took WAY too long, but dang does my site look professional!



Comments Should I incorporate more breaks into my technology sessions?

I try to give myself eye breaks and let them relax for a few moments. I need to do these more often.



After reviewing my attention log, I realize that I am not generous enough to myself. I need to be giving myself more scheduled breaks. Perhaps more scheduled breaks will make my technology sessions more productive, less time consuming, and more enjoyable.