This Week’s Celebrations


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I’m celebrating five things this week:

1. Fall Break!

This week was a three day work week thanks to fall break on Monday and Tuesday. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every week could veto Monday and Tuesday? I think yes. Fall break was a lazy time for me, but I got so much homework done and read four books. Win and win.

2. My Writing Life

I don’t know if it’s the changing atmosphere or maybe it’s what’s in the air, but this week has been an amazing writing week for me. I feel invigorated and I’ve been so excited to just write. I wrote my two blogs this week (Creating Reading Posters and I Make a Big Production Out of Everything) and then kept writing, scheduling next week’s blogs, too.

I’ve also focused on writing and revising my poetry, too. Although the revising is frustrating and difficult, I’m finally getting a few poems to the point of acceptability, which is an awesome feeling.

3. NCTE!!!

ncte dc

We got news this week that the department has approved funding for NCTE for students with English endorsements in professional year. That’s me! Which means I’ll be traveling to Washington D.C. in one month to attend the international conference, learning from great English educators! The plane tickets and hotel room are booked and the trip is officially a go.

4. Write My Community

The National Day on Writing is Monday and I’ve been brainstorming how I will celebrate (besides with a test in class). I love holidays and getting excited about literacy. This day is both wrapped into one! Check into #writemycommunity and join the celebration.

5. Connectivity

This week it seems like I have gained so many followers on Twitter.


My blog stats have also soared! In fact, this month is my second highest month for overall hits and I still have the second half of the month to get my PR.


Here’s to good vibes going into next week!