Digiwrimo Goals

Happy digital month of writing!


I’ve decided to take on the beast, the challenge also known as Digiwrimo (Digital Writing Month). The month will be filled with digital writing, digital exploring, and other things digital.


If it sounds like I have no direction, no plan, then you are correct! I am freefalling into digiwrimo and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Before accepting the challenge, I brainstormed what sort of project I would undertake if I were to actually digiwrimo (that’s the verb of digiwrimo). So I tweeted my dilemma:

KevinHodgson replied and said,

You don’t really need a plan, tho, right? Dive in and where the flow takes ya. Or is that just my philosophy?

Kevin blew my mind! He helped me realize that I don’t need a plan! He also inspired Elisabeth to freefall into the month without a plan, too.

A plan would be hard to develop. A plan would be hard to readjust.

A plan would limit the possibilities.

I want to ride the wave and look for opportunities throughout the month. I have two central goals in mind:

1. Remember

This is my one little word for 2014. I feel good about my progress remembering my last year in college and I want to keep the momentum going. This challenge is a great way to support my remembering in 2014.

2. Enhance my teacher persona

This semester in Digital Literacy (#diglitclass) my goal is to enhance my digital presence as a teacher. So far this semester I’ve created continued to blog, attended conferences, and created a professional website. But I can do more. I’m student teaching next semester so I want my digital profiles in tip-top shape before I set foot in the classroom.

With these two goals in mind, here’s what I’m most looking forward to this month:

  • Connectivity

Digiwrimo participants come together on Twitter using the #digiwrimo hashtag.

  • More vlogs

I have a huge stack of books that I want to vlog about:


I also want to start a vlog series about my philosophy of education. I’ve been telling myself that I’ll vlog more and then I always talk myself out of it. The time is now. Those vlogs will get done this month.

  • More blogs

I have a running list of blogs I want to write. Unfortunately, they are still unwritten. By November 30, they will be written. Promise.

I look forward to learning about myself as I undertake this challenge. Perhaps I’ll develop new writing skills, make new connections, or create something awesome. Hopefully, it will be all three!

Cheers to my friends who are undertaking any writing challenge this month!