Today is Monday

Today is Monday.


You probably already knew that. Oh, it’s also December 1st. Did you know that, smarty-pants?

You see, December sort of crept up on me. Come to think of it, so did November and October. (On a side note, September draaaaaaaged.) I was going to post to #digiwrimo today until I realized that was a November thing and it is not officially December as of today. Everyone knows November things can’t be done in December.

When I had this epiphany, I let out a tiresome sigh as I realized my Digital Writing Month was a complete flop. And now I can’t fix the flop. Because it’s both December and Monday which is pretty common for this time of the year.

And I’m tired. Which might be the understatement of the week.

My Day


I gave a teaching demonstration and it went surprisingly and superbly well. I was supposed to give it a month ago, but I was rescheduled due to time constraints. So I started the lesson and nearly forgot where I was going with it. But I recovered. And it was awesome.


After a long break filled with procrastination, I had to get going on the end-of-semester projects. Unfortunately.


Tonight was my last night as an executive member of Senate because I’ll be student teaching back home next semester. I feel a weird mixture of emotions: relief and nostalgia. I’m trying not to think about it. I cope better that way.


I only worked two hours tonight but I feel like I’ve worked all week. I love being a writing assistant but I don’t enjoy the Monday night 7-9 shift because of…well, Monday’s.

And that was my day in a nutshell. My Monday’s are always busy and on the fringe of craziness but today was especially crazy because of the long break I had.

On November 19, approximately 1 1/2 weeks ago, I left for Washington, D.C. for the annual NCTE conference. We spent Wednesday traveling, Thursday sight seeing, Friday and Saturday at the conference, and Sunday traveling. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much. I will post about the trip in further detail soon.

Me in front of the White House

Me in front of the White House

So I got back into town Sunday night and Monday was my birthday. After treating myself to a pumpkin spice dirty chai latte, I headed back home to where I’ll be student teaching next semester.

On Tuesday I visited the school I’ll be teaching at and spent the whole day observing there.

On Wednesday my family and I left for my grandparents house a few hours away for Thanksgiving.

Thursday we traveled back home and on Friday I worked all day at the bank.

On Saturday I took a short, impromptu rode trip (because I apparently can’t get enough of traveling) with my boyfriend to get his Christmas present.

And then yesterday, Sunday, I traveled back to college.

That, my friends, leaves us with Monday.

Monday the first day of December.

The first day of resumed craziness.

Because I have not been in classes for over a week, I was a bit shell-shocked when I came to classes today and the professors kept talking about these assignments I haven’t done.

As I conclude my day, I reflect on the essays I haven’t written, the books I haven’t read, the exercise I haven’t done, the blogs I haven’t posted, and the vlogs I haven’t created. And that makes me even more tired.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that teachers and students get tired.

Especially on Monday’s in December.