Tech Fail


I can’t confess to being a techy. The primary reason why I don’t own the “tech” title is because I’m afraid that, if I were a self-proclaimed techy, people would come to me with their broken laptops and ask me about antivirus programs which I know nothing about.


The other reason why I don’t claim to be a techy is because I have a lot of growing to do. Last week I had a disastrous experience creating a digital story. If you don’t know what digital stories are, they are videos with several mediums: pictures, music, narration, etc.

Technology Fail #1:

I began my process by Googling “How to make a digital story.” I came across a plethora of websites and jumped on one of the suggested websites. I compiled my digital story into a program called Storybird. The program allows users to use Storybird’s preselected pictures and make books. And the website says, “The world needs your stories” which I agreed with so I started to create my story. I chose the shortest option which was the picture book.

When I finished, I realized I couldn’t put any music or narration into my story. It’s really just a picture book, you know, with words and pictures.


Technology Fail #2:

Then I realized that when I signed up for Storybird I created an account for teachers.  Because of their privacy policy, I can’t open my stories up to the public. I can only invite people personally to view my stories. Bummer.

Technology Fail #3, 4, 5, and beyond:

Windows Live Movie Maker. That’s all I should have to say for this. I first tried Windows Live Movie Maker on my laptop. There was no option for narration.

I went downstairs to try the school computers and the computer lab was “temporarily closed.”


I went back upstairs and gathered my things with the intent to go to the computer lab across campus.

When I got downstairs the computer lab was open. Grrr. I was so mad that I still went to the computer lab across campus.


I got to the other computer lab across campus on the third floor, mind you, and all the computers just had Microsoft Office programs.

I went to the computer lab downstairs to find that they had the EXACT SAME PROGRAM my laptop had. I just spent the last hour running around for the same program I started with. Whatever. I just did the movie and had to accept that I wouldn’t be able to add narration to my story.


I even had Zach come and try to save me.

But I was unsavable.

It happens.

Needless to say, my story would have been a lot better with audio but there are just some things in the world that you can’t control. I learned that technology is frustrating but, well…I don’t know. I guess that’s all I learned.  

Although I clearly failed this assignment, my classmates’ digital stories are amazing! We viewed them all in class last week and it’s a good thing I went first!

Their videos had me laughing, shivering, and I even shed a tear during one.

They are so different and flow so well.

They are personal and unapologetic.

They are great pieces of art.

Technology is frustrating but when you get it figured out, it can be amazing.

Clearly there are a lot of techy things that I still need to learn about. For now, I’m definitely not a techy.

I’m an almost-techy…ish.

Oh, if you’re interested in watching my almost-techy…ish digital story, here it is for your viewing pleasure. Use your imagination: