This Week’s Celebration: Student Teaching


This week has been a big one for me. As the second half of my professional year, I started student teaching this week. I started my student teaching off right…with a selfie!


I’ll take an early morning commute with a first day student teaching selfie & a side of coffee. And throw in sub-zero temps. Please and thank you.

Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t nervous or anxious Sunday night. I knew that Monday would be an in-service so that alleviated a lot of pressure.

Monday was a lot of fun because I got to be a Donut Hero. The rest of the week was an interesting mesh of adolescence, paperwork, and teaching.

Tuesday I claimed a corner of the classroom for my workspace.

Tuesday night I realized that I actually like being a teacher.

After observing Tuesday and Wednesday I was more than ready to start teaching lessons.

By Thursday at 2 pm I was exhausted. I had to veg out that night in order to finish the week with my eyes open.

Teaching was great. I did an intro to Shakespeare with the sophomores and we learned a lot of interesting things about him.

Friday night I attended my first school event as a teacher. Sounds silly but it was a monumental moment. I also found out that it’s a blast watching your students play!

This week I’m celebrating new adventures and beginnings. Cheers to all teachers! I’m finally one of you now.

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