The Kids

For years I’ve thought about my future students.

What lessons they’d enjoy.

What accommodations they’d need.

Their learning styles.

And now my future students have become a reality. Yesterday the floodgates opened and teenagers stormed the halls: real, live, breathing adolescents.

The ideal of my future students dissipated before my eyes. It was a beautiful moment. But then I realized teenagers are just tall kids.

During Freshman English, I saw a student across the room look at me and laugh to himself. As I thought, “Is this kid laughing at me?” he turned to the two girls behind him and said something. At that moment my suspicions were validated. I knew the girls would look up at me and laugh to themselves just as the first student did.

And that’s what happened.

People are so predictable.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t mad that these students laughed at me. I was curious. Stupidly, I was also surprised. (Why would I be surprised? No idea. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve worked with teenagers).

‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘students are real people.’

With the second week in the field underway, I have learned that the ideal of my future students was slightly misguided.

Or completely inaccurate. Whichever.

But even though my actual students don’t have angel wings…


I still like them.