Food Rules

No food.

no food

This is a common rule in many classrooms: It makes a mess. Distracts students. Stinks up the classroom.

I get it. I really do.

Food can detract from the oh so important classroom learning. But if kids are hungry, shouldn’t we let them eat?

Despite the “No Food” rule, students still sneak food into the classroom. Yesterday I saw three girls walk in with fritoshuge Twizzlers. During the next class a boy spoke of his hunger pains while he ate Fritos out of his backpack.

It seems like if ya gotta eat, ya gotta eat. But when kids gotta eat, I’m not sure if Fritos and Twizzlers will satisfy hunger.

So maybe no food is better than junk food. Seems logical but I can’t help but think about those growling stomachs. I don’t know if they eat at home. I don’t know if they ever feel full.

To ensure junk food isn’t in the classroom, the “No Food” makes sense. But the voice inside my head tells me that I can’t ignore the ever growing hunger pains my students may experience.

What I can do is make sure healthy food has a place in my classroom. I can make big batches of granola bars. I can buy fruits on sale. I can have tea on a hot pad. We can’t expect kids to learn while they’re hungry.

Feed them; they’ll learn.